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360five helps you simplify your business so you can focus on what you’re good at

360five is focused on simplifying the management of your small business. Our aim is to provide advice no matter what stage your business is at - from setting the foundations for a successful business, taking a medium enterprise to the next level, or helping an established business realise its full potential. Ultimately, we want to provide services that will mean you can focus on your business and your passions,  and achieve the lifestyle you want for yourself and your family.

It's tax time! Download our checklists to help speed up the tax return process.

We are skilled tax professionals that can help you to claim what you are entitled to, so that you can maximise any refunds due to you.

Individual Income Tax Return checklist 

Small Business Return checklist

Rental Property checklist


Our services

At 360five we provide services including: 

Performance Management - what does the business need to succeed and be profitable?

Financial Management setting budgets, managing cash flow and tax outcomes, and setting targets. This will ensure your business remains financially viable.

Compliance including reporting to Government bodies like the Australian Taxation Office, Revenue Office and ASIC, ensuring you pay staff their wages and other entitlements, lodging your BAS and submitting Tax Returns by the due date.

We use cloud technology to ensure you can manage your business on the run and we help you plan and manage activity to ensure you can achieve your goals.


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